The Alpenglow Base Camp is a new hub for Colorado Rocky Mountain School's active and outdoor programs.
 The Base Camp comprises a trip planning room, bike shop, trip meal prep and breakdown room, changing room for the soccer team, and extensive storage for ski equipment, bikes, rafts, backpacking gear and other outdoor equipment. 
 The building is organized around a central open atrium that is used for staging trips. Hose bibs, air nozzles, and clearance for trucks and buses facilitates preparation and de-issue of equipment.
 The most frequently used areas, the trip planning room and bike shop, occupy the sunny south end of the building.
 The glazed front walls are subtly angled back from the overhead sawtooth roof to create a porch on the south side and control solar gain. 
 The central atrium has even natural light, views of Mount Sopris, and good acoustics that make it a great meeting and hangout space in warmer weather. 
 The sawtooth roof is specifically designed for the eventual addition of solar panels.
 Looking all the way through the building. Multiple sliding doors allow easy access to storage areas from the central atrium.
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