Part of A4's ten-year partnership with CRMS to master plan and renovate its campus, the Welcome Center was an important project in the rethinking of campus building use to better support the program. 
 Formerly an unmanageably large and decrepit dormitory, the 'New Boys Dorm,' replaced by A4's Woody Pasture Dormitories, was ideally suited to transition into the school's administration and admissions offices. 
 An important update was accessibility. A4 replaced a split-level style entrance with a more welcoming front porch and vestibule that entered directly onto the second floor, where the most public offices can be found.
 The admissions office retained its own easily located entrance. 
 The lobby and front desk. The project's modest budget was focused on fixing the fundamentals of space and function, but finishes like beetle-kill pine were used in important locations like the main stairway.
 The eaves were cut back to open up an under-appreciated view through the building upon entering the lobby.
 The lower level with entrance from employee parking.
 The renovated hallways have ceiling cutaways to introduce natural light.
 Although it has a separate entrance, the admissions office connects directly on the interior to important offices like that of the headmaster.
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