This 610 square foot cottage in old town Carbondale was built as an addition to an existing shingled carport, visible on the right side of this photo.
 The cottage shown in relation to the main house on the property, which was built around 1910. Roof forms and rafter detailing was based on the original structure.
 The newly painted addition includes a trellis structure which creates a covered entry over the front door.
 The tall central portion of the cottage gives it more presence on the street and allows light into and high views out of the main interior room. A tiny stone terrace on the south side of the building is removed from the main house outdoor space and plays the same function as a traditional, street facing porch.
 The interior as viewed from the entry. All the artwork in the cottage is by the owners. A bedroom is visible through the far door with a painting by the owners' son. We imagined the small alcove as a desk and device charging station.
 The living / dining / kitchen as viewed from the bedroom.
 The small window by the front door has a sweet view of distant hills and is the only west-facing window in the cottage, to prevent overheating. High windows and a ceiling fan will ventilate the space in the summer time. In this photo, the pocket door to the bedroom is closed. 
 The kitchen is a combination of IKEA cabinets and ETSY components assembled by the Owners. With full sized appliances and a narrow ledge above the counter for spices, it accommodates real cooking for either full time occupants or short term rentals.
 Another kitchen view.
 The bathroom--in fact the entire cottage--is ADA accessible. The shower floor is continuous with the rest of the bathroom tile. The ledge is for shampoo and soaps and also protects plumbing located on an outside wall. 
 The bedroom is in part of the old carport. 
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