The Weber Music Building at Colorado Rocky Mountain School is a single space dedicated to music rehearsal and recording. 
 The vertical wood panels slide across the far window and bench for both sun control and security. Cherry boards alternate with black acoustic batts. 
 At the far side of the room is the recording booth on the left, a small vestibule where students leave their backpacks and shoes, and a small closet for instruments that must be locked up. The sliding panels are slid across the window, revealing a white board on the wall behind. 
 The diminutive building plays off the historic barn where all school performances take place.
 The jazz band rehearsing in the space. 
 Detail of the polygal wall, which is not in plane with the glu-lam structure. Part of the reason for this skew is for better acoustic performance inside.
 Morning rehearsal. The building is so well insulated, its only heat source is a small gas stove.
 Rough sawn cedar of varying widths, heavy timber framing and a rusty metal roof give this structure a barn-like vocabulary, though the forms are Modern in nature. 
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