Thompson Park: Facts + Figures

Cerise Park LLC is seeking annexation of Thompson Park into the Town of Carbondale. Our site plan for the project establishes a road and infrastructure framework that preserves the historic precinct around the Historic House, enhances connectivity of roads and bike/pedestrian paths in town and allows for build out of the rest of the "county island".  The plan also allows a certain amount of flexibility for the type of housing that can be built, although diversity of unit types and a gradation of density from low to high closer to Highway 133 remains a primary goal of the development team.  The issue of sustainability is addressed in this project by its smart location and non-automobile dependent linkages; by a traditional, walkable neighborhood pattern; and by a commitment to green construction and solar-ready buildings.

Quick Facts:

  • total property size = 10.2 acres
  • preservation of Historic Thompson House
  • 17% of land dedicated to open space
  • 6% of land additionally dedicated to bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • 20% of land additionally dedicated to roads
  • future connections to Weant Blvd., North Bridge Dr. and Graceland Drive.
  • 45 - 85 residential units, with higher density at Highway 133
  • variety of housing types and price points
  • sustainable siting and construction

Conceptual site map

Thompson Park Development Plan

Aerial view of 3D model showing site and surrounding buildings in white This project is currently in the public approvals proceess in Carbondale. The model and images within the site are key to helping planners, public commissions and the public understand densities, character and the relationship of the proposal to its surroundings.